Press Release: Jobor holds a press conference on various projects, initiatives and TRC’s future plan            Press release: Jobor: Jordan assumes the chairmanship of the AREGNET later this month (AR)            (Ar) Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Celebrates Battle of Karameh, Mother’s Day...            tender 4/2016:(Mobile networks “ QoS/QoE” Autonomous Probes Real Time Monitoring System )            tender3/2016:Purchasing a building            Press Statement issued by TRC regarding 4G licensed networks in the Kingdom (Ar)            Tender2/1016            Press release: TRC proceeds to modify the Standards and Type Approval for Telecom Equipment...            Telecommunications Indicators (Q1/2015-Q4/2015)            Tender 1/2016 Delivery installation & operation of (Access Control System)            (Ar) TRC starts a project to update the (TSLRIC+) models            Press Release: TRC hosts specialized workshops in cooperation with the GSMA (Ar)            Press Report: TRC investigates (19) violations related to illegal establishment of communication...            Press Release: TRC hosts a delegation from the People's Republic of China (Ar)            Press Release: TRC Continues to investigate violations of medical parcels shipping (Ar)            Press Release: TRC organizes a workshop on the postal operators’ performance indicators (Ar)            Telecom Market statistical Q3/2015            TRC warns citizens from anonymous fraudulent international calls and messages-(AR)            TRC investigates violations made by companies offering medical parcels shipping            tender 13/2015 (cargo van) (extension)            TRC contribute in the national campaign to raise awareness about early detection of breast cancer            tender 11/2015            tender 10/2015            Telecom Market Statistical Q2/2015            TRC’s CEO and the board of commissioners visit Zain            TRC lunches the Toll-Free Number campaign for receiving and following up on complaints (Ar)            Calculation of the Weighted Average Cost of capital for Jordan Telecommunications ...            tender 8/2015 Consultancy services (Procurement of Consultancy Services for the TSLRIC ...            TRC will form an Advisory Committee for the postal services sector (Ar)            TRC provides additional frequencies licensing to provide FBWA services (Ar)            TRC intends to establish a permanent Advisory Committee in the Telecom sector (Ar)            TRC inspects violations related to establishing illegal communication networks (Ar)            Purchasing furniture(extension)            tender7/2015:Delivery, installation& operation of desktop PCs & workstations PCs            H.E. Ghazi Al-Jobor was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners and CEO of the TRC            Telecom Market Statistical Q1/2015            Interview: H.E. Wesam Al-Ramadeen/ Vice-Chairman of Study Group1 - ITU Development Sector            TRC Participates in the 13th Annual Meeting of the Arab Regulators Network (AREGNET)” (AR)            Telecom Market Statistical Q4/2014(extension)            The Arab Regional Development Forum (RDF)            Request for comments on the companies’ responses about the consultation document titled “Draft ...            TRC receives a request for reconsideration of the FAC and LRIC top-down Instructions            TRC publishes the FAC retail services with memorandum            TRC publishes LRIC wholesale services Instructions with memorandum            Telecoms Market Statistical Q3/2014            Tender 10/2014:“SIM Boxes” Detecting and Positioning Services            Tender 9/2014: Number Management System            Draft instructions of Electronic Authentication            Telecom Market Statistical Q2/2014            TRC reveals Telecom Market Indicators 2013            Press release: TRC participates in Anti-Narcotics Day            Press release: TRC renews the frequency license (900 MHz) for Orange Mobile for five years (Ar)            Press release: TRC renews the license to use the (900 mhz) frequencies for Orange Mobile (AR)            TRC renews the license of Orange Mobile company (Arabic language)            Instructions on Application Procedures and Criteria for Selection of Licensees for Public Tele            Comments on Application Procedures and Criteria for Selection of Licensees for Public Telecommunicat            Telecom Market Statistics Q4-2013            Press release : TRC Hosts the Plenary Assembly Meeting of EMERG            Plenary Meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean Regulators Group (EMERG)            Draft Instructions on Application Procedures and Criteria for Selection of Licensees for Public Tele            TRC Achievements 2013(ar)            Analysis of the comments to the Green Paper on the convergence of media and telecommunications in Jo            Contact Network Meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean Regulators Group (EMERG)            Telecom Market Statistics Q3-2013            Extension of the Tender of Central Mobile Equipment Identity Register System (CMEIR)            First seminar on e-signature in e-business            TRC Decision on the RIO for Call Termination and its Explanatory Memorandum            Tender(6/2009):Quality of Service Measurement & Benchmarking System for Broadband Services & VoIP(Ar     
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